Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Heard That Sound: Late Night Fiction Take Up The Tale

There's a familiarity in the tone of British post-hardcore that instantly strikes a positive chord, like that delectable aroma you get from a cup of tea...but only if brewed on the Isles themselves.

So it is upon first hearing Hull's Late Night Fiction, whose serrated, vaguely reverberating guitar melodies hit quickly upon the likes of Biffy Clyro and the now defunct Hell Is For Heroes. It undoubtedly has roots in the blueprints set out by Helmet and Drive Like Jehu but there's a more loose, garage-tinge to the sound as well. Whatever it is, it hits home.

Getting back to the band at hand, this East Yorkshire quartet hold true to the solid influences that come before them, with the sharp melodics of upcoming single Horsefight being an ideal first stop off. It's raw, but the variation is impressive as vicious stabs of guitar and yelps give way to contemplative passages and briefly harmonious vocals. Late Night Fiction are reputedly a force to behold live and it's easy to hear how this track could be a powerful closing statement to that end.

Just starting to build a buzz around their efforts, it's unlikely I'll have a chance to catch them here in the near future but the band have a small UK tour this autumn for any of you that enjoy a high energy live romp. 

Dates are below for that one and the single is slated for release, both physical and digital, on October 25th there next month. Should you dig the band and their sterling influences (including Iron Man....somehow) be sure to mark the date and pick it up here

Late Night Fiction Autumn 2010 Tour Dates: 

Oct 14 2010 The New Adelphi Club, HULL 
(SINGLE LAUNCH w/ Blacklight Pioneer, Windum Earl + The Belle Collective)

Oct 22 2010 Pumphrey’s Cellar Bar, NEWCASTLE

Oct 26 2010 The Sesh @ Linnet, HULL (w/ November Fleet) 
Oct 28 2010 The Hangman, CHESTER (w/ November Fleet)  
Nov 2 2010 Axe and Cleaver, BOSTON
Nov 6 2010 The New Troc aka The Trocadero, GRAVESEND
Nov 7 2010 The Dublin Castle, LONDON


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