Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Guest Post: International Taste Test: Presenting aKing

In an effort to vary up the opinions and stylings of this dusty old music blog, I requested a friend's permission to include her latest sons du jour here on H-T-A. MaryEllen writes her own musings over on WhataMellen, where you can spend some time understanding the joys of hoodies, as well as being turned on to new music. Her tastes are more youthful and exuberant than my own, with a strong passion for pop-tinged rock and the enormous hooks and melodies bred therein. 

To kick off, here's a snippet of a recent spotlight on South Africa's aKing. Click through to her blog to read the full details and spin more vids. Welcome, MaryEllen, and thanks for volunteering to interrupt these here ramblings of mine...

Made up of Laudo Liebenberg (vocals/guitar), Andrew Davenport (guitar – replacing co-founding member Hunter Kennedy), Hennie Van Halen (Bass), and Jaco Venter (drums), this group is so completely refreshing that it will awake your senses.

Two things instantaneously draw you in; the brilliance of the writing/lyrics and the depth (literally and figuratively) of Laudo’s voice. His vocals are resounding and honest; completely distinguished. Stylistically, aKing proves that they can master incorporating an entire variety of musical genres. They can produce a slow love ballad, unashamed danceable pop-rock, to a mixture of classic rock/folk sounding songs.... [read more]


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