Friday, 17 September 2010

Charmless State, Charming Sound: White Russia Bewitch the Senses

With little biographical information on their Myspace page, London's White Russia are one of those acts that sit back and let their music tell the story to you. 

Though a bold move, when your sound is as densely layered and enigmatically structured as that evidenced on lead track Charmless State - video below - you're bound to have the confidence to keep extraneous chatter to a bare minimum.

Channeling the twisted soul of Portishead, slowing it down, and running the result back through  a Björk-lined filter, the outcome is suitably bass-heavy to come close to trip-hop, while retaining a certain 80's electronica sheen. It's stark yet graceful, and bizarrely enchanting in a most digitized way.
A second stand out tune, O Jerusalem, proves that the initial attention received by Charmless State is no fluke. Meanwhile, fellow new track The Solution pumps the tempo up just a touch and offers a more immediately accessible route into the twisting world of White Russia. 

Drifting off as music washes around the senses, allowing sounds to wrap tentacles around the deepest parts of our synapses, is one of the best possible outcomes when listening to a new band. It suggests an intimate involvement that generally takes weeks, months...maybe more. If you're a fan of the artists already mentioned, or even elusive dubstep luminaries such as Burial, it's worth allowing White Russia to jump the queue.  

Charmless, this is not.

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