Friday, 20 August 2010

Savage Understanding: The Gay Blades Tweet Their Way Back

Good time rock and roll returned to my inbox this week, with the announcement that this very borough's rock duo The Gay Blades are due to drop their sophomore bomb in a little over a month's time. Entitled SAVAGES, the record will hopefully be appropriately feral upon its release into the wild on October 10th.


Building to that date, the lads have released lead track Try To Understand and are spreading the word via Twitter. Yep, a single tweet snags their latest upbeat gem, which continues the loose, confident swagger of debut Ghosts in promising fashion. 
All reports point to a set of tunes that should cement their place as leading purveyors of trash-pop...although whether that was ever in question or, indeed, being challenged in the first place is open to debate. Whatever the genre it scales, you know it's the end of summer when you pencil in your first autumn release for purchase. SAVAGES just started that list.

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