Saturday, 7 August 2010

Go West: Olin & The Moon Speak To Our Inner Cowboy

Hailing from England, I have no native reference points or equivalents to the great American West. Dustbowl cowboy towns and frontier outposts spring up much less naturally on small, rain swept islands, making the closest comparison, at best, the farming locales of our West country. And if you can make a link between our beloved Wurzels and cowboys then you're a better anthropologist than I.

Perhaps, then, this absence explains the allure of some with Westerns and the dusty alt-country that so befits them. Perhaps this suitably explains why bands like Idaho's Olin & The Moon can weave music that captures that soul of those locations so splendidly. 


As recommended by friend/SXSW heroine of H-T-A Darci Spiker, the band is now based in Los Angeles to be at the heart of the West coast's musical world - not dissimilar to their East coast could-be-brethren Chris Cubeta & The Liars Club here in New York - the music still reverberates to the spirit of the Old West.

Tracks like Friend of Feeling Good speak to the hedonism of the saloon culture, whilst Drivin' West is perfect for exactly what it suggests. The alt-country sound seeps into most aspects of the music, with a sun-drenched atmosphere and clear twang to the vocals. Most importantly, an earnest attitude pervades each and every song, something which connects me to a band much more instantly than enormous hooks...not that I'm against that sort of thing either, of course.

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Olin & The Moon are currently preparing the release of their new album Footsteps later this month, so you'd be well advised to get in there now to gain a handle on their previous work. Tour dates may be thin on the ground at the moment but promotional activities are sure to pick up during the autumnal months, so do as I've been advised to as they roll through your town: "Put on yer boots, get a can of Pabst & have fun."

What to do if one owns no such boots, however....?


darcijs said...

Agree with the glowing review... Actually, I got out a can of Pabst before reading your article - just to put myself in the mood. -got my hands on their new record, Footsteps, and had my way with it a few times. ---or it had its way with me. Either way: Fantasmic!

zidered said...

Good to hear, cheers. Need to spend more time with PBR and less with fancy crafty beers so I can be in the mood too....!