Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Fast & Furious: Black Tusk Slam Southern Metal Into High Gear

At the recent Corrosion of Conformity 3-piece reunion, I had the pleasant surprise of catching support act Black Tusk from Savannah, Georgia. With raging, fast paced songs and playing tighter than an Italian waiter's trousers, these guys almost knocked the veterans off their expected perch of night highlight.

Their recent release, Taste The Sin, is one vicious record. Drenched in the Southern metal sound of state peers Baroness and Kylesa, Black Tusk rip out a more ferocious, unrelenting take on the style of those bands. Violent riffs compete with varyingly troubled yelps/guttural growls for attention, underlaid by a solid if occasionally unadventurous rhythm section. Whether slow, menacing sludge or slashing, breakneck metal, the attitude rarely sways from outright threatening.

Although this overbearing violence may not be to the tastes of everyone, it's an exhilarating listen when in the mood for something purely brutal. If watered down radio-metal is destroying your soul, it's well worth snagging this beauty at Amazon for $5, while the offer lasts during August.

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