Monday, 9 August 2010

At Long, Long Last, New Material From Glassjaw

After touting the mooted new album from Long Island's heroes of ___-core (not just hardcore, not really metalcore, but furious to the core) Glassjaw for several years, I finally gave up this year. What better time, then, for Palumbo & crew to lament my loss of faith by returning to the fray with new material

Granted, new single All Good Junkies Go To Heaven is a vinyl-only release and no mention is yet made of any more material. But the unfathomable length of time since the outstanding Worship & Tribute, coupled with regular touring activity and new songs being played [video] in recent months, should be enough to offer hope to even us folks that had simply set their two classics on infinite repeat.

Find a ton of [approved] Glassjaw live bootlegs on their forum here

That said, until the MP3 leaks of the new track we'll still have to hold onto past glories to satiate hungry ears. To wit, here's the most raging live performance one could hope to see, of the quite brilliant Tip Your