Sunday, 18 July 2010

Synth Success: Murder Mystery Cool Down Brooklyn

With sporadic listening from the charismatic Britpop of Blur, through the more downbeat shoegaze of Wye Oak, and on to the aggressive raging of the new Deftones material, I've struggled to plug into some upbeat summer jams to accompany the oppressive heat here in the last month or so. Last year Phoenix filled that role very effectively early on. This year? A deficit. 
Step forward, then, NY purveyors of immediately engaging indie-pop Murder Mystery.

With two new songs recently unveiled, each with a different singer, the band explores the use of understated synths and upbeat melodies to craft nuggets of pop with just a slight nod to the classic synth acts of the 80's. Both have a light summer air to them, blending seamlessly into a sunshine stroll (though perhaps some baked stoner rock would be more appropriate for the record temps we've been experiencing...?). 

MP3: Murder Mystery - I Am (If You Are)
MP3: Murder Mystery - Change My Mind

Plumping for one, I'd probably take the slightly more charming tones of Change My Mind, though each has its unique attractions. Best bet? Take a listen for yourself as you enjoy a summer weekend lounge-around, see which fits best. Then if you're hungry for more (and catch this early enough) Murder Mystery plays the new Knitting Factory in Williamsburg tonight. More details on that here.

So the sounds of summer are officially beginning to take hold. What's brightening up your listening as you crank the A/C to breaking point?

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