Friday, 23 July 2010

Rising Above The Crowd: Freedom Or Death Soar With New Video

As a city of over 8 million people swelters in fiendishly hot summer days, is it so wrong for one to wish, albeit momentarily, for freezing and tranquil tundra regions?

Possibly. Though I excuse myself, in this case, as it affords the opportunity to introduce a Canadian duo called Freedom Or Death.

Newly formed but relative veterans of other musical endeavours up there, these chaps seem to be pursuing particularly organic sounds in this guise, both in sonic and visual terms. Their sole video for the rather cinematic This Crowded Room is a case in point, with its look at Inuit types traversing frozen, largely unexplored parts of the world. 

Musically it's a free-flowing, floating track, with subsumed beats gently nudging their way from the base to occasionally pop a head above the surface for air. Gentle xylophone tones add a Sigur Ros quality without ever pushing for the orchestral heights of that comparison. Instead, Freedom Or Death keep things light and endearing in their approach, lending the song an innocent beauty.

Not having had time to check out their debut EP as yet, that's the next move on my 'to-do' - or 'to-listen', really - list. You can check it out for yourselves here on Myspace first, then do the respectable thing and drop a few $$ in their pockets here if you dig it.

If it follows in the alluringly cool vein of This Crowded Room, it may well prove to be just the escapist flight required to get away from the rigours of a packed, superheated city. 

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