Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Payback: Time To Show Beat Radio Some Love

H-T-A has always found favour in the hard-working endeavours of bands willing to shoot a few tunes to the fans for free. In that particular kingdom, Beat Radio and its main man Brian Sendrowitz are surely royalty, with several full albums and a singles series available for nowt on the group website.

If you're anything like me you'll be digging these tunes and, from time to time, feel a twinge in the old gut that one should really contribute something to such heartfelt efforts. Well, now is the time to assuage that troubled conscience, as Beat Radio are seeking some assistance from fans to gather funds for their first vinyl release. This will be a proposed 10" for the marvellous singles series track Golden Age

MP3: Beat Radio - Golden Age

Appropriately the song is about "laying it all on the line, and expecting everything in return. It's about believing in your dreams." In this case, it would be outstanding if we can all get together and chip in to help Beat Radio just a little to that next step. 

Donations towards the $1800 total are being gather via a Kickstarter project, with rewards for various levels of pledge. It closes on Saturday August 14th, so let's get on this one and give back to a very deserving band. What say you?

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