Sunday, 4 July 2010

Around The World (Cup) In 30 Days:England / U.S.A.

In a race against the clock - otherwise known as the final on July 11th - H-T-A is attempting to check out artists from around the 32 nations competing at the World Cup Finals in South Africa. Check out the rest of the posts to date here.

So this one will be short & sweet for the holidays, as we cover English and US bands alllll the time here. 

The Three Lions failed miserably, more or less, even if there should have been a second goal and the humbling of favourites Argentina by the same German kids makes the victory look less enormous with hindsight. Team U.S.A. - get a better nickname would you? - won lots of friends but eventually still succumbed to a powerful Ghanaian squad on the same day....deja vu, given the result 4 years prior. 

So a tune each from the album Blew It Again by New Yorkers Electric Tickle Machine will work just fine in our coverage of these two countries and their abortive attempts to reach the quarter final stages. 

The U.S.A. gets Honest Injun for their sincere efforts...

MP3: Electric Tickle Machine - Honest Injun
Taken from the album Blew It Again

Buy it at Insound! 

... while the broken, aging England team gets the new video for Bones, as Don Fabio will almost certainly have to go back to the bare ones of his team and start almost from scratch for the next campaign (Euro 2012...England Expects...blah blah bloody blah!


So, back to the real ones this week. On double time, probably, given that there are now only 7 days and 4 games left....eeek, how long until the new domestic season kicks off? 

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