Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Leg It? Manchester's Running Club Provide a Reason To Hang Around

As anyone who loiters around these pages will be aware, I have a soft-spot for music from back home. And it's positively porous when the artist resides in the North West, an area which anyone with any sense understands produces the best of the best in two areas: 1) bands and 2) football teams. 

Running Club of Manchester, despite their athletically-inclined name, fall into the former category.

With an acoustic-leaning, organic take on indie-rock, this five-piece also incorporate light elements of reggae that recall Joe Strummer. As this is an lofty influence - at least from what I'm hearing - that seeps into both the instrumentation and the gravelly maturity of the vocals, it's impressive that the band pull it off with such aplomb. Both on the newly released From The Light and the simple video for Awkward Makeshift, there is an earnestness to the songs that quickly endears the ear to their sound. 

MP3: Running Club - From the Light

As a relatively young band there's little material out there yet, ahead of the planned EP for the aforementioned Awkward Makeshift next month. On the plus side, it allows us to take in these tracks and grow the anticipation for the next tunes on the horizon, see?  

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