Monday, 14 June 2010

Bonnarooooo Ends, Reports Start to Roll In

For the second year running I failed to make any effort to get down to Bonnaroo in Tennessee, but by all accounts it was a bit of a scorcher - a tragedy in the case of one poor attendee - and there were some outstanding performances from openers to headliners. I checked out various live streams from NPR (links below) over the weekend and, were it not for the World Cup fever, would probably have been pining to be taking it all in.


The reports are flooding in already, so let's compile some of the better stuff as it begins to emerge:
  • The official Bonnaroo YouTube has plenty of vids and the main site compiles various coverage as BonnarooNow
  • NPR outdid themselves over the weekend with live streams, set replays, and general wall-to-wall coverage of all the action. If like me you couldn't be there, this was the next best thing (and from the comfort of an air conditioned apartment, instead of a hot-as-balls field). Some choice cuts from H-T-A faves are below.
  • Spin has a collection of up close & personal snaps in this slideshow, as well as their live set reviews.
  • The NY Times ArtsBeat blog had some gripes with how Dave Matthews Band has developed but had plenty of positive reports from the rest of the fest.
  • Billboard has some cool interviews - such as this one below with The Gaslight Anthem - posted, as well as a main page covering both this year and those gone by.

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