Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Around the World (Cup) In 30 Days: Japan

In a race against the clock - otherwise known as the final on July 11th - H-T-A is attempting to check out artists from around the 32 nations competing at the World Cup Finals in South Africa. Check out the rest of the posts to date here.

Today we'll stop off in Japan, a thriving musical market in its own right and unique in its tastes for both home-grown and international talent. Like the footy team, people often have no idea what to expect but are pleasantly surprised when they take the time to experience what's on offer.

For a unique take on JPop and a look inside the country's varied styles, visit our friends over at JPOP Lover, a blog dedicated to just such things. My own personal preference is a little more mainstream for Western audiences but still has that quintessential eccentric energy that seems to power so much Japanese music, in the form of electro-infused rockers Polysics.

MP3: Polysics - Married to a Frenchman
Taken from Hey Bob, My Friend, out now 

 Buy it at Insound!

Ever since seeing them live in Liverpool many years ago, I've had plenty of time for their bounding, synth-heavy take on Western pop/rock. Covering songs like My Sharona and The Wild One, Polysics have a respect for the more classic of rock influences but choose to project it into the future via electronic glitches and sci-fi style attire. It could come across gimmicky, were it not for their complete commitment to a full-on live experience and the honesty they exude in doing so. 

Having not caught up with newest album, Absolute Polysics, as yet, it's about time I did so. The video for Young Oh! Oh! above has them travelling in a similar Devo style direction to their previous album, which satisfied aplenty. This week will tell if their nation can beat the odds and escape the group stages at the World Cup. Meanwhile, the band continues to travel the world itself, spreading infectious JRock to startled yet appreciative audiences.  

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