Sunday, 13 June 2010

Around the World (Cup) In 30 Days: Germany

So I was planning to get adventurous and cover Algeria today, but given their goalie's abject display to lose the points (ha, what kind of second rate national team has that problem.....oh) and the infuriatingly ongoing might of the German footy machine, I plumped for the less challenging but equally satisfying musical output of Deutschland.

And so to the music of Radiant Dragon, self-produced, atmospheric electronica originating from Frankfurt. To satisfy my Anglo-Saxon jealousy, Ming Long, the gent behind these ambient slices of serenity, now calls London home and it is from here that his soundscapes reach us. 

MP3: Radiant Dragon - In The Dawn

Everything about Radiant Dragon, from the aforementioned heavenly electro-tones to the enigmatic photographs adorning the various sites, exudes a certain heavenly, mystical atmosphere. Replete with floating, other-worldy vocals and densely layered, swirling effects, this is music for the wee hours spent contemplating how little the factors that stress our daily lives actually have a right to do so. It's fly away escape music of the highest order. Spiritual without the cloying response that description may often evoke.

That said, the efforts of 22 blokes kicking a pigs bladder around a field are entirely removed from the efforts of a skilled manipulator of sound seeking our transcendence through his creations. Should some of the world beating success of his birth nation rub off on the spread of Radiant Dragon's music, however, I'm sure the two would align with little complaint. Here's hoping.

Find out more about Radiant Dragon on Facebook or the blog site.


Anonymous said...

wow. packed with inaccuracies. you need to work on the research side of things if youre ever going to write for a music pub. or whatever.

zidered said...

Hey. Well, thanks for reading and your thoughts.

Would love to hear more about where you see the inaccuracies, as the facts are taken from the artist and connected websites, but obviously can't follow up an anonymous comment. Ball is in your court, I suppose!

Anonymous said...

do some more research and find something good to post - don't just write about an overhyped and boring band.

zidered said...

Hmm, a non sequitur and then some.

Inaccuracy is entirely distinct from your subjective argument that the artist (or artists, if you're referring to posts other than this one on Radiant Dragon) is 'boring'. That's your opinion, not fact. Subjective, not objective. Of course your opinion is very welcome but the follow up response makes your initial comment irrelevant at best.

Taking just the second comment, this is again subjective but I'd suggest that Radiant Dragon is FAR from overhyped. Who, exactly, is hyping this?? I'm not seeing any Rolling Stone or NME covers here!

So, seeing as I'm the one putting in the effort to write content and spread music I enjoy, I'm going to humbly suggest that I've the right to decide who is covered in these pages. If you don't enjoy it then feel free to get it off your chest in the comments again....just back up your erudite critique with an identity, perhaps? ;-)