Sunday, 20 June 2010

Around the World [Cup] In 30 Days: France

In a race against the clock - otherwise known as the final on July 11th - H-T-A is attempting to check out artists from around the 32 nations competing at the World Cup Finals in South Africa. Check out the rest of the posts to date here.

Figured I'd better cover France before they get dumped out of the tournament....oh lord let that not be tempting fate for my England on here we take a shufty at the vicious tech-metal of Hacride, from Poitiers in central France.

Not since the incessant sturm und drang of 07's Amoeba have I checked in with the natural brethren of the more widely known French metallers, Gojira. More fool me, as reports have it that their most recent album, Lazarus (BUY), is a continuation of their ascent to the top of the pile. That pile being the admittedly small - yet well formed - stack of progressively minded metal acts.
This Tool-esque video (excuse the unavoidable adverts, if you will) for the bowel loosening Perturbed gives a good indication of the raging heights the band can achieve, serrated guitars hacking away over a menacing rhythm section, with simultaneously violent and ethereal vocals blanketing the instrumentation to unnerving effect. Within all this, Hacride have a welcome nack for allowing a song to breathe and reform, before reverting to the deadly assault that came before it.
A soundtrack to fuel the fury of a confused and fragmented mindset? It all makes perfect sense for the current shambles in the camp of their national team. To Walk Among Them, indeed. 

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