Wednesday, 19 May 2010

When In Leeds: Bear Driver Continue a Trend

Purely by coincidence, in Leeds of England we remain today - having checked in on regional brethren The Wind-Up Birds yesterday - to introduce the effervescent, mildly trippy tones of Bear Driver.

The band have already risen to some prominence, having graced the Reading/Leeds festivals last year and caught the ears of various BBC Radio taste makers. A quick listen to the eccentric punch of Mind Attack or the infinitely more tranquil delights of A Thousand Samurais gives some indication as to why they're registering on so many radars. With new single Wolves due out in July, this should be set to continue.

MP3: Bear Driver - A Thousand Samurais
Free download offered via SoundCloud

With a sound that takes cues from Broken Social Scene and, yes, other 'Bear' bands (Grizzly, Panda, or otherwise), Bear Driver retain plenty of their own identity with glorious pop melodies rising from more minimal passages of the songs and a vaguely psychedelic tip when they find need of it. Look no further than the somewhat bizarre video and lyrics of Mind Attack below for the latter.

Along with Liverpool's Bagheera, it's great to hear a British slant being added to the numerous North American (actually, predominantly North Brooklyn) taking on this layered, attractive style of indie rock. So much so that the continued inclusion of large, furry mammals in band monickers can once again be overlooked. One day, however, I will list them all and prove to you all that they're plotting world domination. 

At least when this occurs, we'll have some lush melodies to soundtrack our servitude though. Worse things have happened, non?

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