Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Twisted Firestarter: The Wind-Up Birds Showcase New Video

The Wind Up Birds - Tyre Fire from Paul Morricone on Vimeo.

This smart new vid from Leeds-based quartet The Wind-Up Birds takes a journey into the mind of a chap contemplating setting his life ablaze and moving on. Tyre Fire, pegged as the opposing number to I Will Survive, is a stark exploration of the frame of mind such a person might wander through.

As with There Won't Always Be An England, previously covered in these pages, the band's sound is formed around the striking vocal of Paul Ackroyd, who has a part spoken-word style that brings to mind a less rhyme-obsessed Mike Skinner. Initially it can seem awkward, at odds with the melodic backing vocals and surging instrumentation. Given time to sink in, however, it grows and settles naturally around the more staccato guitar parts. The combination of both songs as the current single holds a mirror up to British society and finds plenty of dark corners to explore. One can only marvel at the potential grievances the band has soaked in following the recent election.

For now we'll have to make do with these two prime cuts, which can be purchased in various formats from Sturdy Records. The Wind-Up Birds have no current tour dates lined up but you can keep an eye on their activities via their website or Myspace

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