Monday, 31 May 2010

#MusicMonday - Songs in 140 Characters (Or Less)

Well, song today in fact, having barely just returned home from the elongated weekend before it ends. Ain't bridge & tunnel traffic a joy to behold? No, actually. 

The jam down time did however allow me to tune in, via satellite radio, to BBC Radio 1's Huw Stephens as he presented Masters In France; a ballsy group of rockers from North Wales.

The new single Greyhounds [Europe pre-order] doesn't piss about, racing from the traps (appropriate to its title) and brazenly threatening all around it (less appropriate to its title) with the sharp riffs and swaggering vocal.

There will certainly be more on these boys in the coming weeks but the more adventurous amongst you may wish to check out their Myspace for more information. And all this without having to pay the Beeb's licence fee any longer. Bonus.

Happy Memorial Day and bank hols to all!

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