Sunday, 23 May 2010

It's Tight: The Black Keys Return

The Black Keys returned in full force this week, opening for Pearl Jam at Madison Square Garden and supporting the release of their new album, 'Brothers'. The first video from their latest blues-tinged rock effort is for Tighten Up and features some odd shenanigans in a playground, all of which is somewhat superfluous to the laid back groove of the song itself.

Also on offer is a free download of the rather more upbeat and enjoyable Ohio, which is yours for the exchange of an e-mail address (personal or otherwise) here. Neither of the songs quite hit the highs of early career tracks from Rubber Factory, but they certainly have the kick back, effortless groove and soul of a band that has had their style down pat for a few records now. 

Taken from their notable album Rubber Factory

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A full review of the new album will appear here once it all settles comfortably in my musical digestive system. In the meantime, let's have your thoughts on the path these two fellas from Akron have taken; do they need to change it up or simply keep rocking away in their characteristic style?

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