Saturday, 3 April 2010

That Pioneer Spirit: Cast Spells

One of the benefits of the #MusicMonday feature here has been covering a greater number of worthy tracks and artists that crop up on the H-T-A radar, without getting bogged down in too many unwieldy details.

As a starting point that's great, but then some the music cries out for more attention and some trademark rambling. Some of it simply won't be contained to 140 characters. 

Some of it is just like Cast Spells.

MP3: Cast Spells - Pioneer Scalps
Taken from the forthcoming 12" Bright Works & Baton

Buy it at Insound!

The latest musical venture from Dave Davidson, better known for his regular gig fronting Chicago's Maps & Atlases, is a simpler affair but no less affecting. Holding focus on the by turns optimistic and reminiscent voice of the singer, the songs gain their own unique identity and stand confidently apart from one another. The recent Daytrotter session demonstrates this extremely well, with the sparkling sheen of Pioneer Scalps contrasting deliciously with the hazier but nonetheless bright Potted Plant.

There are moments when the effervescence of The Shins pours out of the songs. During others one could be forgiven for thinking that the more chipper sibling of Conor Oberst and Bon Iver is putting his own upbeat outlook onto their mastery of emotional acoustic indie. It's a winning mixture and offers something refreshingly askew of the more mournful stylings of Davison's peers. This makes the more serious message of songs such as A Badge all the more powerful.

The aforementioned EP is out on May 4th and is available for preorder here. Do what I did: keep the MP3 of Pioneer Scalps close at hand for a quick pick me up, check out the Daytrotter pieces for a little more exposure, then before you know it the Cast Spells sound will have taken over a little corner of you heart. 

Long live more Mondays of music......

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