Thursday, 15 April 2010

Storm In A Teacup: More From Olney Clark

After speaking on the subtle charms of their lead off track/video Josefin The Writer, Scotland's Olney Clark have wasted little time in catching our attention again with another one/two for Tea & Thunderstorms.

Easing out with an intricate intro that recalls the delicacy of Band of Horses, Grant Olney's hushed tones soon emerge to lend a unique appeal to the song. As with Josefin, the melodies are light and have a heavenly, dream-like quality, though the tune itself has a greater buoyancy overall, aided in a particularly rousing manner by the violin and piano sections that weave in and out of conciousness. 

On reflection, it's a natural development from song to song and, indeed, the two sit neatly alongside each other at the beginning of the band's self titled album, fresh out this week. 

MP3: Olney Clark - Tea & Thunderstorms
MP3: Olney Clark - Josefin The Writer
Taken from the new album Olney Clark, out now - BUY

Once more, a fair amount of praise should also be aimed at the creative skills of Hanei Seida, who crafts the animated video that accompanies the new track. Neatly capturing the momentum of the song, it conjures part surreal, part childlike imagery that adds an extra dimension to the narrative. As something that many music videos fail to do time after time, it's a pleasure to see some thought and effort go into this side of the art as well. Kudos, folks.


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