Sunday, 25 April 2010

Cover Up: I Am The Dot Hits The '70's

Americans may well be more familiar with the name Carole King than I, given her greater success on these shores. On examination of some song titles, however, it turns out I'm more familiar than I thought....You've Got A Friend, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?, Natural Woman; all are songs I likely know from movie scores but for which the singer was never highlighted, as happens a great deal.

Well, Colorado's I Am The Dot has bridged that particular knowledge gap - there are many more - for me by covering the popular singer's tune of choice (according to Last.FM), It's Too Late.

MP3: Carole King - It's Too Late

MP3: I Am The Dot - It's Too Late (Cover)

Where the original relies on whisper-light instrumentation to emphasise King's lush, melodic voice, I Am The Dot punches up the keys - as evidenced in the very first bars - and adds multiple layers to the vocals. This contemporises the song no end, fitting nicely alongside other tunes from the Dot canon and lending the whole thing a woozy feeling that fits somewhere on the edges of the current chillwave surge.

One's take on the role and success of covers in music no doubt varies according to familiarity with the original artist and openness to newer styles. I, for one, prefer to see an artist apply their own sheen to the original rather than simply hack out a slightly altered version, so in this case it's a pleasure to hear the approach altered and the song given a new spin. Granted, some of the charm of the subtle original instrumentation is lost, but we can always go back to King's version for that, non? 

What are your takes on this cover comparison and, indeed, covers in general? Always interested to hear what listeners belive makes a successful cover song!

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