Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Temperate Spring

It happens to the best of us. An album that we would have loved to anticipate and snaffle up on the day of release, in actual fact dawns on one a good 6 months after its original street date.

So it occurred for me and the delights debut record of The Temper Trap, Conditions.

Thankfully Amazon, a company about which I originally had poor thoughts but that has turned me around with their approach to bargain MP3 downloads, caught me up with a insanely low price $2.99 download (now expired) over the weekend. Timed alongside the gorgeous bloom of spring here in NYC, Conditions has rapidly wrapped me up in its warm, intricate charms.

Hailing from Melbourne, The Temper Trap peddle an electro-infused brand of indie rock that varies itself aplenty, without ever losing that core identity that marks the band out as themselves. At times hitting TV on the Radio style vocal highs, others walking the tightrope of more anthemic arena size melodic rock acts, they mould a powerful sound and keep the interest high throughout the album. Many memorable songs pour forth, none more so than the engaging Sweet Disposition or the inflected harmonies of Soldier On.

The band is currently on tour in the US, including stops at SXSW next week, which will be followed by a full traverse of the UK and Europe as the year progresses. What this means is that we should ALL have a good chance to see them, so don't pass it up. Much as I didn't with the cheapo MP3 album, thanks be to Bob. 

[UPDATE] They also play tonight (March 10th) on Craig Ferguson's show in the US. 12:35am on the East Coast.

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