Saturday, 6 March 2010

Sheer Gold

Well, it's already out and clearly the release of Shearwater's latest, The Golden Archipelago, avoided my usual radar reminders. Amazon MP3 hasn't featured this one as a daily deal cheapo download...? For shame.

Nonetheless, a useful catch up is available in the form of the second free download from the album - following the quite sublime Castaways late last year - and new song Black Eyes.

MP3: Shearwater - Black Eyes
MP3: Shearwater - Castaways
Taken from the new album The Golden Archipelago, out now
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This one is a much more strident effort, assured percussion powering a mounting vocal and distant but atmospheric strings. It hits in a similar manner to Century Eyes from Rook, albeit with a slower build, and comes across all the better for it. Set alongside the calmer, anthemic Castaways, this paints an intriguing picture for the album as a whole. And the whole appears to be something the band have put plenty of thought into, with the website redesign, artwork, and an accompanying document entitled The Golden Dossier feeling very consistent with the music on first glance. 

Clearly there is a lot to delve into with this one, so for the moment the tunes can do the (particularly eloquent) talking as I give this overlooked item the full attention it deserves. Look for a review in the not too distant future, once I've absolved myself of the failure to pick this up right away. 

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