Sunday, 28 March 2010

REVIEW: Uniform Motion - Life

A couple of months back I showed some love to the soothing delights of Uniform Motion. With delicate acoustic guitars, hushed vocals, and subtle harmonies, the band's newest album Life has proven a tranquil island of sanity on busy days spent zipping around at the relentless Manhattan pace.

Well for a limited time (like, very soon, I believe) this gem is available gratis. Libre. Tres, tres free. So be sure to snap it up here and have others do the same if you enjoy it. 

MP3: Uniform Motion - Roll Over
Taken from the new album Life, out now - BUY (CD pack)

The songs here are elegant and feel optimistic in their own charming, understated manner. Jauntier efforts such as Saving Up For Sundays and Roll Over nestle satisfyingly alongside less assuming numbers like Dry Eyes and Oskar, offering slight variations on a familiar sound. Favouring the ever-so-slight plucking of Jose Gonzalez and a floaty light vocal that recalls a number of singers without being derivative, the end result is a blissful, relaxing listen across the album's 8 tracks.

<a href="">Saving up for Sundays by Uniform Motion</a>

With album highlight Back Up Your Soul, Uniform Motion successfully showcase everything attractive about their sound early into Life, in just a few short minutes. An intricate, quietly confident tune, the guitar playing is skilled yet modest, as gorgeous vocal harmonies waft through the air above the music. If your day has been one of stress and strain, this track provides the aural massage your brain has been crying out for throughout. 

As always, supporting the artist is greatly encouraged in these parts, so if you dig the freebies and can spare some dough, why not order the pretty CD package or, even better, head out to see these fellas live (at some point....Europeans right now, for the most part). Your senses will feel all the better for it as they're caressed by the undulating tones, I'm certain of it.

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