Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Past Blast: Kerbdog

A lost classic that I still revisit - and adore - every few months, Kerbdog's 1997 effort On The Turn is chock full of heavy rock tunes with elephantine riffs and hooks that could captain a fleet of pirate ships. Sally was just one of many and certainly one of the finest from these Kilkenny boys, as I hope you'll agree.
As a testament to their effect on the rock scenes of the UK and Ireland, a tribute to the band called Pledge was recently released. Featuring H-T-A favourite Frank Turner, plus other class acts such as Left Side Brain and Jamie Lenman, it's a timely reminder of just what excellence a band can achieve without having so much as a shred of commercial recognition. 
Current artists recalling some halcyon days of yore, when major record labels profited to finance long music careers, may do well to remember that stories such as that of Kerbdog were more the rule than the exception. However criminally overlooked, though, we'll always have On The Turn.

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