Monday, 29 March 2010

#MusicMonday: Songs In 140 Characters (Or Less)

"It is my ambition to say in ten sentences; what others  say in a whole book."
- Friedrich Nietzsche 

More concise nuggets of sonic judgment, against my natural tendencies to ramble like a grandfather on the sherry in his favourite rocking chair at Christmas (see what I mean?).......

Slightly more eccentric slant on the minimal indie popness of previous outings, this has a pleasant spring in its step & an assured, undulating melody.

Stream Link (at NY Mag's Vulture): The Hold Steady - Rock Problems
More like it after an uncertain feel to first new tune Hurricane J, this swaggers to a bar rock riff & the Craig Finn-isms we know & love.

Accompanied by a gorgeous video, this enigmatic & elegantly orchestrated track highlights Clark's calming voice over some quite delicious keys.

Soaring, soulful Moreno vocals, ominous Carpenter riffs, backed by the powerful rhythm & effects expected of deftones. This album is going to be masterful.

Didn't hit upon first video view but pumped through headphones this sounds reassuringly emotive. Even *gasp* upbeat? Prob not but excites for new album. 

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