Wednesday, 24 March 2010

More Buzz From The National

Continuing to build the fervent anticipation for their new album High Violet - due in May - The National have now posted a tantalising new track up on the album's mini site. This follows the band unveiling the opening track of the new outing, Terrible Love, live on Jimmy Fallon a few weeks back.

MP3: The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio 
(high quality version available upon e-mail sign up here)

Buy it at Insound!

A logical progression from the silky smooth flow of Boxer, Bloodbuzz Ohio offers something of a more upbeat air. The percussion pushes this element, with a greater spring in its step than the inward focus of previous material, ably assisted by a variety of subtle backing instrumentation conveying the same atmosphere. Matt Berninger's immediately recognisable croon is as sweetly alluring as ever and covers subject matter that appears to deal with roots, home, and the changing relationship when one ups sticks to a new location. 

All in all this is another excellent move to whet the appetite for the new full length. The pre-order is available in various forms here at Insound, although that date feels further away rather than closer upon now having an MP3 to listen to repeatedly. It also makes the summer show at Prospect Park in Brooklyn look like a must attend....subject to holiday plans, of course.

Thoughts on the new material thus far? 

Which of their albums wins your heart, when all's said and done?

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