Saturday, 13 March 2010

Dig For Victory: When Planets Align

For better or for worse, many (many) artists receiving blog coverage are Brooklyn-based. The sheer critical mass of creative types relocating to the borough makes this par for the course, yet it makes it all the more interesting for writers to check in on other scenes and locales to see what's going on. 

Los Angeles is one such spot; a location steeped in rock history but less influential in the current prime of indie-rock obsessions. One band bridging the gap, to an extent, is When Planets Align.

MP3: When Planets Align - General Santa Anna
Taken from debut EP Radio Silence, out now - BUY

With a melodic rock foundation that wouldn't have been out of place on mainstream rock radio so many years ago, the Californian quartet mix classic rock truisms with eclectic influences (check the flamenco intro on General Santa Anna), with memorable results. With modern twists to the sound, they avoid getting bogged down in the quicksand of classic rock influence and put out a sunshine vibe that marks out the myriad benefits of their chosen home. Writing this on a cold, foreboding Brooklyn day in the driving rain, it's a welcome aural contrast.

With an album due later this year, When Planets Align will build up with some dates around their way come Spring. Unfortunately nothing for the East coast at the moment, although when they do eventually turn up it's to be hoped they bring the sunshine, both in a musical and meteorological sense.

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