Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Return of Midlake

Midlake - the Texan neo-folk band behind 2006's understated classic The Trials of Van Occupanther - return this month (today, actually) with their third full length, the much anticipated The Courage of Others.

MP3: Midlake - The Acts of Man (via Insound)
Taken from the new album The Courage of Others, out now

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New song Acts of Man opens the album and gives a solid indication as to what to expect. The same unassuming yet curiously ominous tone permeates the track, creating that pleasantly dated sound. Dated, that is, in a uniquely vintage manner, rather than any derivative influence-worship. The vocal is earthy, seamlessly blended into the cautious percussion and painstakingly tight guitar lines, to beautiful effect. I could continue, but the song is under 3 minutes on an album with over 40 of them, so perhaps the superlatives should be held back for the full review.

Although it will have to do a great deal to match the heights of ...Van Occupanther, suffice it to say that the first inklings are sending out all the right signals.


David said...

"The Courage of Others" is a superb album shoot through with all the fuzzy warmth of 70's prog/folk.

Standout tracks for me are (apart from the opener which is a real tone setter) 'Small Mountain', 'Rulers, Ruling All Things'.

I could gladly lose a whole evening with this album on a repeat, good conversation and a bottle of really good small batch bourbon :)

Nice band photo BTW. I see Jason Lee on the edge there...?

P.S: Check out Mike Åkerfeldt's side project with the mighty Dan Swanö. It's called 'Sörskogen' and be warned, it's deliciously Moog heavy

zidered said...

Glad someone else is getting into it too, cheers David. Rulers definitely comes over strong and I like the intricacy of Core of Nature as well. I feel a full review coming on....

Some trippy stuff there from Sörskogen, thanks for the link.

David said...

Well I'm hoping to catch Midlake here in London at the Roundhouse in November. They played last week but I missed them!