Friday, 19 February 2010

Muslims Pack It In

Ramshackle San Diego rockers The Muslims didn't pull any punches when naming the band first time around, opting for a monicker sure to garner attention from both sides of the conservative fence, be it overzealous patriots or religious obsessives.
Now going by the altogether more palatable title The Soft Pack, the music - and particularly the renowned energy with which they deliver it live - seems to remain undiluted.

Peddling a raw, energetic brand of punk-tinged rock, the songs are heavy on the hooks and centre around big, easily recalled choruses. The immediacy lies in deceptively simple tunes that burrow right inside one's mind and rattle around incessantly, much in the same way the guitars mosh around the central melody of the tracks.

MP3: The Soft Pack - Answer To Yourself (free via Amazon MP3)
Taken from new album The Soft Pack, out now

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On tour in Europe just now, the Californians return to the USA next month for SXSW and a full tour in support of their new self-titled album. Whether you go with the new name or not, you'll be hearing it plenty more as the months roll by and these lads turn many more ears their way. May as well make up your mind now, right?

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