Sunday, 14 February 2010

EP REVIEW: Lucas Kane Hall - My Name In Wingdings

Australian exports? Passable lager, hybrid sports with blokes in dodgy 80's shorts, and pint-sized pop divas. Well, AC/DC too, of course, to avoid looking like the quintessentially xenophobic Brit. While we're adding, chalk up Lucas Kane Hall to the positive side of the list as well.

Now calling Manhattan home, Hall's journeys across the oceans from Australia, through Japan, over cruises, and culminating in New York City, have given his voice a worldly quality, one that sounds out clearly on new EP My Name In Wingdings. Recorded in Nashville and made up of songs created across his travels to the current time in the city, the topics range from finding that one true love (pretty apt for today, of course) on Rock-a-By to much more soul-searching affairs, as displayed on the mournful Stars & Blue.


His songwriting ability is showcased excellently across just four tracks here, with the juxtaposition of the aforementioned dark lament on Stars & Blue contrasting starkly against the relentlessly upbeat Tomorrow. The latter is a happy go lucky tune that just urges the summer to be here already, so that we might hum along to the "Today will do, don't know what tomorrow will bring" refrain. It's a high point powered by some great guitar work, as is Careless Landslide, which contains some luscious string embellishments over its reflective tone.

All in all this is a varied and emotional listen that demonstrates the talents of this rising singer-songwriter. Australia's loss is very much our gain, so thank you folks for allowing this gent to travel the globe!

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