Tuesday, 16 February 2010

And The Beat Goes On.....

Since the Blogger upheaval last week, many of us music scribbling types have been reviewing how and what we post, at least in MP3 form. Even seemingly legit files from one source can be subject to the whims of another party, making it something of a minefield to choose what to cover. Unless, of course, the songs come directly from the artist responsible for creating them. 

Such is the case with the great new material from Beat Radio, available on a pay what you want arrangement at Bandcamp.

MP3: Beat Radio - Everthing Follows
MP3: Beat Radio - Cold War

On both tracks, the sound is fuller than the songs on Safe Inside the Sound - an H-T-A pick of 2009 - adding a chunkier bottom end and additional layers of density. This, perhaps, comes from the more complete band line-up recently assembled. The delicate vocal of Brian Sendrowitz remains a key component, however, and adds that sensitivity that first lures one into the Beat Radio sound. A pleasing step forward without abandoning the foundations already laid.

Cold War is my preferred cut of the two, showing off the more powerful rhythm section whilst the song burns slowly, cautious guitar lines sauntering across the percussion and echoing vocals adding more layers. The track builds as an almost trance like keyboard effect crosses the other instruments, though even this is carefully introduced and doesn't linger too long. The lyrics are the icing on the cake, switching between personal reflection to political metaphor in seamless flow.
With the plan being to continue releasing a set of songs every month, the bar has been set high from the word go with these tunes. And the fact that we can enjoy and share them without fear of some panoptic digital enforcer killing the weed by nuking the garden makes it all the better. But you knew that already.

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