Monday, 25 January 2010

To Honour a Hashtag - #MusicMonday

Every Monday on Twitter since I joined the site, a dominant hashtag has prevailed on the trending topics: #MusicMonday. Primarily for its alliterative qualities no doubt, yet it succeeds in trending more on the basis of the users passion to share the tunes sound tracking the start to their week.

Limiting posts to a single artist does tend to keep some great music out of the H-T-A pages, so I hereby extend the hashtag to the blog realm in order to share a variety of tunes with you in 140 characters or less. Anyone that reads this rambling bunk regularly will know just how much of a challenge this is to my natural waffle-heavy approach, but here goes nonetheless......

MP3: ortoPilot - Stay One More Day (Bandcamp download)
Emotive acoustic plea to wrest 24 more hours with the one you love before they depart. Softly communicative 'mix tape' perfection.

An early morning walk at sunrise set to soothing electronica and driven by a pulsing synthetic undercurrent. A joy to wake up to.

Moody dubstep with twisting beats alternating between murky threats and fiery attacks. Massive Attack via Burial fighting in 2020.

A self-assured breeze of a tune that summons the summer months long before they're due to arrive. Bright, happy, and all the things that freezing foggy days aren't.

MP3: Wild Yaks - River May Come (via Insound)
Slow burning alt-country rock with a raucous bar sing along vibe running throughout. Like O'death kept on the straight and narrow by William Elliot Whitmore.

A jarring, understated folk lament that spontaneously erupts with noisy outbursts which recede as quickly as they rose. Atmospheric minimalism.

So what d'ya reckon.....something worth doing again 
or a big miscellaneous sack of musical brevity? Or both....?

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