Saturday, 2 January 2010

Ten for '10: We Are Country Mice

Inevitably, as another musical year dawns, we begin to move from the favourites that kept us company the previous 364 days and speculate at which bands might fuel our fire during the next 12 months. 

Number two lands closer to my current home, in the form of Brooklyn's (via Kansas) We Are Country Mice.

Hailing from further West in these United States, there exists a definite tinge of the Dustbowl within the more identifiable indie rock n roll of this band. Never overly country-fried, though, the influence recalls more artists like Two Gallants or even Chuck Ragan's recent solo outings. 

Having seen the band live a couple of times now, I can certainly vouch for their memorable and energetic material in that setting. Recorded work is thinner on the ground for this relatively young band, with only a couple of 7" releases being put out there for eager consumption thus far. With instantly engaging live favourites like A Good Old Fashioned Barn Raising and the rousing set closer I assume to be entitled Sign Of The Times, however, the signs are extremely positive for their debut album.

MP3: We Are Country Mice

A lack of info persists on the schedule or title for this first full effort but the band continue to hone their already highly-developed live qualities with dates around the city for the first quarter of 2010. Appearances at South by Southwest are also on the cards for March, at which point it's to be hoped that they turn heads, ears, and every other body part music might affect, creating a clamour for whatever it is they have brewing for us. 

Chew on those 7"s in the meantime and keep your eyes peeled for more details on these here pages, as it drops from that big sound cloud in the (digital) sky.

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