Friday, 1 January 2010

Ten For '10: Surfer Blood


Inevitably, as another musical year dawns, we begin to move from the favourites that kept us company the previous 364 days and speculate at which bands might fuel our fire during the next 12 months. 

To kick that off for 2010, for the first 10 days I'll be highlighting 10 artists that I have a gut feeling will stir some interest in the coming months. First up is Surfer Blood.

Having laid some groundwork for their rise at CMJ last year, this group from the sunny climes of West Palm Beach down in Florida has continued to gather momentum, by supporting other bands in the spotlight (Japandroids, Art Brut, The Drums) and prepping for their album release this month. 

Taking the melodies of Weezer and roughing them up a little, lead off tracks Swim (To Reach The End) and Floating Vibes have given a good indication as to what we can expect from this debut, entitled Astro Coast.

MP3: Surfer Blood - Floating Vibes

  Taken from the forthcoming album Astro Coast, out Jan 19th - Preorder below

Buy it at Insound!

Promising as the build up has been, it's to be hoped that Surfer Blood have put together an album chock full of these powerful pop-rock gems, as well as offering a little variety into the mix to keep things interesting. At ten tracks, it could well be the short, sharp collection of breezy songs that will propel us through the frozen depths of mid-winter and out into the sunnier months.

Not that these fellas were feeling those chills too much, what with their area's winter 'lows' in the 50's. Brrrr.

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