Thursday, 7 January 2010

Ten for '10: Revocation

Inevitably, as another musical year dawns, we begin to move from the favourites that kept us company the previous 364 days and speculate at which bands might fuel our fire during the next 12 months.  

Hopping both oceans and genres this time, we check into Boston for a check on metal's latest, greatest hopes Revocation.

While 2009 was widely heralded as Lamb of God's year in the metal world, - supporting Metallica rarely hurts a career - this Boston trio certainly made their case for being the most anticipated rising talent. Releasing their debut, Existence Is Futile, late in the year on the almost freakishly reliable Relapse Records, Revocation continue to build their growing reputation on the foundation of that album. 

An ambitious bunch, their songs are brimming over with ideas and clearly channel the relentlessly adventurous spirit of pioneers like Pestilence and Meshuggah. Witness the jazz-like embellishments to the guitar work during the latter stages of Dismantle the Dictator for a particularly tasty case in point. Elsewhere there is more of a thrash element and the vocals generally err towards the deathly growls of the darker metal sub genres.

MP3: Revocation - Dismantle the Dictator
Taken from the album Existence Is Futile, out now - BUY 

Usually such genre-hopping results in a sprawling sonic mess if those creating it don't have the chops to tie everything together neatly. Thankfully the level of musicianship within their ranks is such that the songs come off sounding as tight as an Italian waiter's trousers. 

The band is currently embarking on the Metal As Art tour across the USA, which runs through to February when they'll head to Japan for further dates. And if Metallica have any spare support slots going thereafter, I'm sure they'll be happy to help them out. 

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