Monday, 4 January 2010

Ten for '10: The Minutes

Inevitably, as another musical year dawns, we begin to move from the favourites that kept us company the previous 364 days and speculate at which bands might fuel our fire during the next 12 months. 

Remaining on the Emerald Isle for the fourth band of this series, a short trip South of the border to Dublin will most likely afford one the chance to see a raucous live performance from The Minutes

From time to time, the bands touting a 'unique new sound' or purporting to be 'sick of the current state of music' become tiresome. In fact, they often elicit a polar opposite response from the listener than that they wanted, driving them back into the already familiar and loved. The fiery rock n roll of this band is just where they should retreat, offering attitude and bombast in the form of songs that make you want to down that pint and place the empty glass triumphantly on your head. 

MP3: The Minutes - Black Keys
Taken from the forthcoming 
album, as yet untitled 

The early material simply exudes confidence from every pore, channeling vintage rock influences into a shape that makes sense for the new decade in a similar manner to the White Stripes when Hotel Yorba first thrust them into our collective conciousness. It's a pleasure to hear the band cut loose and a testament to the fact that musicians need not always reinvent the wheel to create a revitalising listening experience. 

The Minutes will spend the early part of the year finishing up plans for the release of their debut album, including a jaunt across the ocean to visit Texas (and hopefully NYC, right fellas.....right??) during March for the big gathering in Austin. Plenty of time to save pennies for those pints you'll invariably be chugging along to their tunes. Just save some for an album purchase as well, you scarlet-nosed booze hounds.

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