Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Ten for '10: Bagheera

Inevitably, as another musical year dawns, we begin to move from the favourites that kept us company the previous 364 days and speculate at which bands might fuel our fire during the next 12 months. 

In England we shall remain for band 6 of the 10, shifting further North to visit Liverpool's purveyors of lush indie-folk, Bagheera.

I first posted about the band here after a jaunt home last September, at which point I'd narrowly missed the opportunity to see them live and was consoling myself with the soothing tones of their free (fan them or just ask) Hollow Home EP. My illicit aural affair with said recordings has continued unabated through the winter, leading to a hunger for new thrills from the band for the new decade. A fresh EP has been mooted for around this time, so we wait patiently by the inbox for this to drop on in.

MP3: Bagheera - Old Machine
Taken from the Hollow Home EP

With their exquisitely crafted songs - dubbed alternative folk by their creators - Bagheera bring to mind the best of their kin. The gentle guitars massage the senses as the light vocals float, cloud-like, overhead, relaxing as is often the case with this style. Beloved bands like Midlake and Bon Iver come to mind as one listens, though only in particular segments. Nothing here feels overly derivative, rather establishing a confidence in their own sound that belies the small amount of material released. This is one of the many reasons for these lads to break outside the Liverpool bubble in 2010 to really take it to the rest of the UK and, hopefully, well beyond. 

Bagheera offer a beautiful take on an extremely popular niche of indie music right now, which should by rights offer them an excellent opportunity to turn ears their way. Start now by pursuing that EP from them and falling head over heels just as many of us already have. You know it makes sense.

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