Friday, 29 January 2010

Real Monsters


Now then, things have gone somewhat soft and sappy in these parts recently, what with all the gorgeously chilled acoustic and electronica tunes passing by.........see? It's happening again. 

Time to man up, fire up, and just generally venture upwards volume-wise. Time for some ripping, snarling caustic rock. Time for These Monsters.

Erupting from the ever-active volcanic territory of West Yorkshire - you can't understand just how incompatible it feels to type that unless you've lived oop Norf - this UK quartet are preparing some ferocious punk-inflected rock for their debut album, Call Me Dragon

MP3: These Monsters
Call Me Dragon

Taken from the forthcoming debut album of the same name, out in UK March 3rd

The lead and title track tears out of the traps, wasting no time in unleashing distorted howls and a caterwaul of frenzied guitar work. As the first track on the album, it's a fiery statement of intent. Far from just bluster, the song also contains more brooding passages, during which the foremost instruments recede and allow the rhythm section to offer more distant threats of further explosions. Punctuated by an ear-catching horn section, these moments allow the song to breathe in a way that Isis perfected long ago while also adding their own musical flair to the mix.

Having previously supported such genre luminaries as Mono and 65daysofstatic, These Monsters top an appealing launch show next in Leeds, also featuring Kong and Hot Club de Paris amongst others. This goes down on Saturday 13th Feb, making it a perfect Valentine's gift for your significant other. Because what says 'I love you' more than edgy post-rock with a rabid streak? I can see the ad campaign now......

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