Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Poetry In Motion

Ever chuffed to be unexpectedly lured in by a band on the first listen, the more reflective moments of the past  week here have been passed in the company of Anglo-French duo Uniform Motion.

The sheer amount of blissed out, dream-like music I've taken in during January has been something of a surprise in itself. Now the chilled folk of this band can now be added to the likes of Beach House, Midlake, and Memory House, as purveyors of 'gazing-into-space pop'. That's a real genre, by the way......in my mind.

Seamlessly blending exquisite guitar tones that bring to mind the fluid picking of Jose Gonzalez with a mild-mannered vocal style hinting at that of Catherine Wheel (back in the day) frontman Rob Dickinson, the end result is some beautiful and calming acoustic folk. Without going into too much hyperbole now - something that will be saved for the album review of Life, to be released 9th February - this is a little known band deserving of a lot more attention.

Saving up for Sundays from Uniform Motion on Vimeo.

For the moment this new video of their song Saving Up For Sundays helps to set the scene for the new release, their second since starting up in 2008. The first is also available for free here, if you like what you hear and want to get a head start.

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