Monday, 18 January 2010

Persistence Isn't Futile

If, as Einstein believed, the definition of insanity is repeating the same actions over and over expecting different results, San Franciscan indie rock crew Collider may well be sitting in the corner of their practice space, underpants atop their heads, pencils in each nostril, frequently muttering "awibble". The same e-mail  announcing their new (free) BBM EP having popped into my inbox on several occasions since the turning of the year. 

That said, theirs may actually be a case of pure Machiavellian cunning, as here I type this having listened to said release many times. And it's really rather good, so perhaps that would make me the loony in this particular instance, then?

The songs on this EP sit comfortably alongside its artwork, creating a densely layered spectrum of sound that somehow breathes space into this crowded environment. Meanwhile, the vocals glide effortlessly between all the musical elements in a manner that brings to mind a less depressive Jeremy Enigk fronting Sunny Day Real Estate

MP3: Collider - Time Concerns
Taken from the new BBM EP, available for free at Bandcamp

The keystone of Collider's expansive sound is the guitar work, constantly building walls of reverb heavy sonics that would fall into the category of noise were they not so tenderly crafted and carefully defined. Listen no further than the misleadingly titled Take A Stress Pill for proof, as the calming tones weave patiently in and out of one another, patiently piecing together a gorgeous mosaic of sound. There are elements of post-rock to be found, with said tones hitting the touchstones of instrumental bands like Explosions In The Sky and This Will Destroy You, though the vocals and brevity of most songs limit those comparisons too.

So, despite the fact that I would refrain from encouraging multiple unedited submissions to humble pages such as these, there remains the truth that if your music is so worthy of being heard as this then the persistence is undoubtedly warranted. 

Collider craft elegant, spacious music that both soothes and stimulates, making it all the more pleasant to discover they also have their debut Down In The Saturines available for free. They also play their next show in San Francisco this coming Friday 22nd at the Rockit Room. If you reside out that way, be sure to reward them with your presence and a bit of green, so that they may continue creating material for my inbox.

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