Wednesday, 20 January 2010

New Video & EP from I Am The Dot

Just a brief stop in this evening to revisit the work of Denver's I Am The Dot

Ever the productive, creative soul, on the one hand this one man music machine takes us back to the delights of the self titled debut EP with a video for Love Song For Camus, then with the other he delivers a brand new EP entitled Winter. All free too....well, the video cost $25, but that's still less than a tank of petrol nowadays. As Dads everywhere with new Christmas toolkits know, DIY is the way forward folks. 

Painstakingly created by the looks of it - I know nothing of such matters, other than that Wallace & Gromit films take over 5 years to make - the stop-motion capture gives this vid a charming, retro feel and jogs pleasingly alongside the song. One of my favourite tunes from the self-titled EP, its subtle, reflective tones are well suited to the exploits of Mr Puzzlehead here. 

Fast forwarding to the new material - graciously, freely available here - we have three new tracks that come with the theme of this frozen season. Similarly stripped down to the bare essentials of feisty acoustic guitar and multi-layered vocal harmonies, the songs here are, for the most part, closer to the Rare Creatures material in feel and nestle well on a playlist with them. Snow Blindness does incorporate some shimmering effects and distant spoken word passages, though, that afford the song an appropriately icy quality. All in all, a beautiful wee slice of the elements to accompany your hazardous walks along unplowed streets.

More videos are mooted soon and with a release every couple of months, new creative sparks from I Am The Dot are satisfyingly regular. Our iPods are all the better for it. 

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