Friday, 15 January 2010

Hey Unseensters

Another release I pretty much missed the boat on last year, aside from the raw throwback 80's mope of single Cheat On Me, was The Cribs' fourth effort Ignore The Ignorant. Unfortunate, given that it features Johnny Marr joining the brothers Jarman on guitar and adding an intriguing element to their existing rough and ready sound.

A full review will be upcoming by way of making amends, so in the meantime just dig on one of their older tracks here and compare to the shimmering contributions made by Mr Marr on their newer material, well showcased here live on Jools Holland.

MP3: The Cribs - Hey Scenesters! (via Insound)

The band also play in NYC at Irving Plaza tomorrow night, if you have a spare 25 duckets burning a hole in your pocket. Having seen the former Smiths man do his thing with Modest Mouse a few years ago, I can judge it cheap at twice the price for that experience alone.

"I could be someone else if you'd rather,
Try to win you over like a new step father,
Smart but still a sucker for whoever asks you.
I pictured the scene,
so you won't have to spell it out for me"

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