Sunday, 31 January 2010

Caribou Swim to Odessa

For anyone doubting the power of Twitter - which is more or less everyone online less than 5 hours a day - let me document my wish for new Caribou music a couple of weeks ago via that platform. Hot on the heels of this digital penny thrown hopefully into the tweet pond, news of a new track called Odessa (free download after sign up) and an album due in April surfaced. 

Coincidence......? Probably, yeah.

Nonetheless, this is great news. The track itself is a progression from the utterly wonderful, sweeping melodies of the music on Andorra, taking in more effects and feeling a bit more cluttered in places. Despite this, it does add a tad more groove to the contemplative blueprint of its predecessor, which itself was quite an uptempo jump from the previous record, The Milk of Human Kindness. A track from each of these releases can be found below for your own exploratory edification.

MP3: Caribou - Melody Day
Taken (via Insound) from the album Andorra

MP3: Caribou - Barnowl
Taken (via Insound) from the album The Milk of Human Kindness

Buy it at Insound!

The new album is called Swim and is slated for release on Merge in the US April 20th and UK/Europe the day prior on City Slang. The sonic development of some artists is always more intriguing than others, with Caribou being one of those that will prick up ears with every varied release. Pencil this one into your diary in bold marker.

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