Saturday, 23 January 2010

Beach House Building

One of the most anticipated releases in the indie world - aside from Spoon's Transference which happily emerged this past week - is Teen Dream from Baltimore duo Beach House.

The band continued their build up to the release next week - they play a sold out launch party in Brooklyn on Tuesday at the Bell House - with this performance of Zebra on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. A better vid should hopefully be forthcoming from the Fallon site soon.

Although the early listens of material from the new album have been extremely promising, with a hazy, lush pop atmosphere permeating the entire record, this transplant into the live setting felt lacklustre and, dare I say, a little dull. Perhaps it was the bare feel emanating from a studio with a sparse crowd and limited sound, but it definitely seemed to lose something from the deeply layered song on Teen Dream.

MP3: Beach House - Gila
Taken from the 2008 album Devotion

Buy it at Insound!

What matters more are the headphone listens in the quiet confines of one's own abode though. This comes across as an album to be enjoyed alone and given full attention, something that should attract a much wider audience to Beach House in the coming weeks.

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