Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Three Little Words, One Cracking Song

Amidst the current tangle of revisiting the outstanding long players of various time periods, it's relieving for an individual track to demand one's attention and enforce repeat listens. 

Longer term readers of H-T-A will know how much I adore the album format, yet the tendency towards single dominance isn't entirely without its benefits. The constant playlist inclusion of The Avett Brothers' I And Love And You being just one of them.

It's the lyrics that pull you in initially. Powered by a consistently clever turn-of-phrase, delivered with endearing humility, almost all of the words here engage. A heartfelt plea to the borough of Brooklyn is surely one that resonates far beyond the boundaries of this artistic haven, though I can highly recommend using this as a soundtrack for careening down the BQE after a week away from the city. In the same breath, the plaintive tone of the vocal conveys both loss and hope in equal measure, unable to go back but looking to the possibilities offered by a fresh start.

Underpinning all that's working above it lyrically is a meandering, gorgeous piano line and some very slow, simple percussion. Strings fade in and out of strength as required, offering extra mood when the delivery requires an accent. All of which multiplies to an extremely beautiful, moving song.

Of course, obsession with just one song can lead to an ignorance of the album from whence it came. True to this, I have no feeling for the full length of the same name and whether it lives up to the strength of this song. Hence we are dragged kicking and screaming, though with smile still beaming, back into the world of cramming in album recaps before the end of month tolls.

As always, so much great music, so little time to take it all in...........

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