Friday, 4 December 2009

Spirit of the Season

Decorations are going up all over the place....Rockefeller Center's big arse tree went up this past week....festive adverts are littering the TV channels....Christmas certainly hits hard and fast here in the US.

In the UK the build-up is slow and subtle, often from as early as September, as shops attempt to get the jump on one another and various media outlets begin foolish countdowns. Does anyone really get a panic attack when there are only 93 shopping days remaining?? But Americans have the comfortable barrier of Thanksgiving to shield them from such madness, at least until the materialistic wet dream that is Black Friday (doorbusters/riots) hits and everyone realises they only have a solitary month to get everything done.

So in the spirit of the season, plenty of fine folks are giving us the gift of music. Given that I'm tone deaf and talentless in that skill space, my gift to you is keeping a record here of the choice giveaways. 

Any suggestions of your own? Please shoot them into the comments and spread the festive cheer!

* Banquet Records in the UK offers free downloads & such every day on their advent calendar *
* Anti- Records has a free sampler up on Amazon (RIYL: Rain Machine, Frank Turner, Neko Case) *

* J.E.L.L.i. offers a Jolly Christmas EP w/ rocking takes on some classics. Check out the H-T-A review of the debut EP, which is well worth the $$, here *

* Saddle Creek has a free sampler up on Amazon (RIYL: Cursive, Land of Talk, Beep Beep) *

* iTunes Europe is hosting free d/l's (24hr expiry) for 12 days of Christmas (26th Dec - 6th Jan)*

* Beat Radio has not only their newest (and rather cracking) album Safe Inside the Sound entirely for free, but also everything they've previously released. Embodying the seasonal epithet "it's better to give than to receive*
URL (new album):

* The Record Machine has a festive compilation up witha variety of indie artists, one being Sam Billen who curated. Take a listen & check the artists out further if you dig 'em *

* Silber Records offers up White Silber: A Cold Slow Christmas for your contemplation, with many original cuts from its diverse roster *

....and of course it's not Chrimbo in the UK without a bit of Slade......


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