Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Hand Crafted Oak

It's been a tumultuous few days, what with travel arrangements, holiday plans, and various other factors away from the digital realm. Having arrived securely at Christmas home base, however, things are back on track.....apart from the best of 2009, which did indeed get rearranged several times at the last minute, consarnit.

Still, that's being written up in another tab right now, so to keep things jogging along in the meantime I wanted to post a good tune that's been knocking around my listening for a couple of months. It comes from Los Angelians Oak & Gorski and concerns over drinking. Though not specifically seasonal, it clearly befits the season.

MP3: Oak & Gorski - Pretty Far Gone

Taken from the new album  
Good Advice, Bad Advice, out now


A duo billed as 'cello-rock', a tag that may not generally juxtapose well but doesn't really mislead in this instance, their song Pretty Far Gone chronicles the highs and lows of 'school nights' I'm sure many of us have experienced. With a gentle approach - the instrumentation is rich and the vocal low-key - to rough subject matter, the tune initially relaxes but eventually convinces and unsettles in a manner not dissimilar to drinking away responsibility that will potentially return to haunt one the next day.

Or, simply stepping back from any meticulous deconstruction, it's a pretty fine drinking tune.

So imbide plenty during this season of excess, because the responsibilities return in a couple of weeks and I'm sure you've earned a glass (or six) of your favourite tipple.

"I walked down the street to the next place
Pulled up a seat and slapped my money down
Stumbled down the street to the next place

You should have seen me
In all my glory"

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